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Thursday, September 20, 2012

gathering enligtenment

Source: via Lady on Pinterest
Source: via Lady on Pinterest
My soul, my heart, my core is scab blistered. But before going on it feels I have to apologize to the ether for carrying on in such a bickering whinny' way the past posts ( and currently as well, wow, haha!). Then again to whom should I apologize? This is threatening to be even more "soap operatic" because literally the past days have proven my innate callousness stamped proven beyond reproach. My insides are knotted, my face tired and drawn, my spirit heavy with the conviction that I have "issues"; grave and must be faced squarely.

To look the monster eye to eye and let it know that it's unwelcome clingy'clutch is  dealt with is perhaps, part victory.

I hate it when this mangled fanged motion called anger takes a grip of my body and I am launched uncontrollably into a tirade of spite. Indeed, I am, I do, I admit it all. Shame wallows me and I walk the walk of the drunken burdened who sways and swoons whatever way.

Awhile ago I came upon this quote, and no better time could it have been for me to read:

It is wisdom to know other;
It is enlightenment to know one's self.
~ Tao te Ching

Hear ye' hear ye! Couldn't be truer and more appropriate. Tis' best and maybe brave to paint one's self honest. Humbled.


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  1. hey roselle, so happy you popped into my blog home.
    ahh.... the monster comes in many forms does it not? you will face it and you will come out from this illusion triumphant!

    onward! :)


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