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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blue Scallop Beauts and Cheap Thrills!

When my eyes glanced this blue glazed scallop cupsy' - it was a case of the cutesome' must have! I did my internal jiggy dance, heh! :D 

It's been a real stretch of time since I've drifted by my fave thrift' find second had store  somewhere near where I live - though, well, I must state, some of the items aren't really what I'd call "thrift price" there was that old rattan divider I was eyeing, and when whispered how much, (ugh' ) gave an involuntary snort and sputtered a daintily chastising, "you've got to be kidding me"...Because truly, I can get something brand new and spock fine for the monies I was told, hilarious, tsk! 

Free rose cup underliner! :D
But it's the cheap thrill I'm after, so I linger at the plates and platters, and mugs and cup after cup after cup, lifting and inspecting, considering, comparing then ultimately, deciding. O' yah' I can spend hours, but this particular trip, I was with my son, so I knew my moments were disciplined.

cup and saucer don't match
How many sweet beloveds have I possessed this way, eh, hehe! Nothing compares to the heartbeat of spotting something sparkling, or interesting and knowing that there's no other pair out there quite like it. And of course, more often nothing matches - which is how I like it essentially. Because that's the point, really, to find a couple of mismatch throwaways and blend them together  to create something usably perfect.  

This blue beauty ( pic above) doesn't really pair with the saucer, separately bought, but well, they blend quite nicely. And the brown one below, accidentally fits with the free coaster, fabulous, haha!  :D
LUv' this mug' small..and yup' I got the complete set of 4 for each of us!
It's a brand new Monday as I write this sipping my coffee waiting for my pasta to warm up in the micro. I've got a whole week stretched out before me, and man, I've got to put in some sweet vibes because I'm well done dealing with gnats of irritation that wormed its way in the past couple ov' weeks. Sunday was most testy'  ind-e-e-d!

Ah, well, I'm all done with that --> period. Welcome brand new week, a toast to you with lots of tea and creativity. I plan to do an awful lot of writing and reading and creating. Time to pull out my gratitude attitude and celebrate  the finer points of living - such as finding free rose coasters and 4 pieces of cute brown mini-mugs to go with it, and flower scallop tea cups, and who knows what other lovely else.

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  1. Love your attitude! Oh, and the blue cup and saucer too.


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