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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Chateau Hestia ~ A Pleasant Surprise!

Chaeau Hestia
Of ancient gods and goddesses, when I encounter them, how strange and foreign and otherworldly they are from the prevailing deities of our age. I'm rambling here, but I've realized that when one opens the mind to  understanding the times and temper of days, one can fathom logic and appreciate the tapestry of legends, as well as,  symbolic beauty of how human beings, no matter what era, establish to philo-sophi-cally comprehend, honor and mystically elevate the experience of mere man's mortality to metaphysical divinity. 
The artistry of the mind is rather grand!

Hestia is a beautiful name. 
It is b e a U t i F u l, let me say that again! 
For me, it evokes the fragrance of tropic flowers that bloom in the midst of a blue moon evening. It is a glazed volatile infusion of earthy musk and  of rosemary oils diffused with honeysuckle, plump orchids and shy jasmines. I would often encounter this pleasant mist in my nightly walks, but can't tell where the aromatic treat emanates from. The perennial whiff' stealthily fills the dusk, lingers,  dissipates, then floats back again.  One of life's magical pleasures! 
Roselle Quin
 To ancient Greeks however, Hestia was oh' most piously more than an embellishing fragrance! Hestia was  sublime goddess of - hearth - and - home. She was the powerful, encompassing archetype of divine womanhood, portrayed as maiden divinity. 

Yes, she was a Greek goddess virgin ( one of three), yet was highly distinguished as the diety of architecture, of foundations and constructions, of domestic bliss and blessings. She was both family and community, revered with an altar  in houses and community places where gatherings occurred. 
 Hestia dwells in the inner corners of ancient Greek homes. 
She was peace, laughter and bounty - the overseer of bread making as well. Characterized by a content personality, the goddess was not one for daring adventures, but was utterly devoted to family and community. She never refuses strangers who visit as guests. 

At peace with herself,  Hestia  was the comforter of other Greek gods during problematic times. She was quite the introvert, but ironically, was best friend to 'Hermes', the chattiest god of them all! 

Significant but subdued, all offerings to the 'big gods' would begin with the first portion in honor of  her.

Chateau Hestia's Facebook Page

I encountered Hestia in the form of a garden Chateau! 
The husband and I went for one of those 'let's see where we end up' trips and found ourselves in the greenie' inroads of Tagaytay turning left then right, then left again or maybe right,  guided solely by our vehicle's gps. Rather exciting to trust an animated gadget and find it actually works, hah! 

The place is enchantment! 
The first thing that welcomes  is the  spirited swirl of fragrant flowers - all -a r o u n d! Hypnotizing and unforgettable! You see, I've been to Nature Spa, which is sprawling  prettiness too,  but no, it did fully possess  the warm bloomy' induced 'hello" I so embraced  of Chateau Hestia!  I suppose it isn't fair I'm comparing, quite unreasonable too, but there's something extra charming about perfumed air. 
It's very --> fairy - ish! 

The main cottage itself which houses the restaurant and deli is a dream home! To get there, one walks briefly under a trellis canopy of vine tropical flowers leading to an entrance of wooden framed glass doors flanked by ornate authentic Philippine wooden benches. 

Once inside, if you know Hestia, then you know it's home.

My angels must have been working overtime dragging me that day! I wasn't feeling too well and reluctant to go anywhere. A cave was what I preferred, haha! 
Looking back, it was the perfect setting and best place for me to absorb much needed healing vibes. By the end of the trip I was back to fair ol' me.

Unfortunately, my pictures weren't all that good - specifically, the outdoor photos. 
I've had to pick those that are blog worthy for publishing here. Nothing for me to be downcast about as the hubs and I  intend to  head back soon for an overnight stay in one of their cute mini cottages. 
 Here's a picture of what  must be an antique adding machine! 
The place is littered with curiosities and art! 

Every corner is a lovely accent!
An old painting, a glorious outstretched plant and  always the gardens around! 
Here's a shot of one of the mini cottages for overnight guests. 
We were only able to view a couple of them. All the cottages had guests that time and it wouldn't have been nice of us to intrude. 

The above pictures show a partial glimpse of the tree and plant lined entrance going inside  Chateau Hestia itself. 

The bridge serves as accent and wooden crossing from the main restaurant to the other gardens that in turn lead to smaller cottages. It's a serene tranquil site, very captivating and truly romantic. 

I just adore the flower paintings! 

The rest of the pictures are samples of the artwork collection inside the cottage, which is quite an interesting intimate collection. Paintings are all around the place, but I luv' how a portion of the dining area was established as a some sort of art room.
I wish I took more pictures tsk! tsk! tsk!
 Ah, will do so when we go back!


  1. Dear Roselle, the Chateau is so beautiful, the interior decoration is colourful and eclectic and the gardens invite you to wander further to see more of these leafy borders of green and pretty flowers.
    I enjoyed your narrative, you see the magic and beauty in all things. I enjoy walking barefoot in my garden, feeling the wet grass beneath my feet, searching for the unseen flowers whose mysterious and delicate perfume scents the evening air.
    Thank you for your kind words at my blog.
    Take care
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Thank you for sharing your Chateau Hestia experience!


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