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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Enchanting Legend of the Koi Fish

Roselle Quin photos taken at Koi pond in Greenbelt, Makati - Philippines

Being a true mermaidy'  Piscean, I hugely adore pools of any sort and remember fondly how sweet and  lovely my grandmother's koi pond was! She had an interesting 60's wood slated sliding door in her Asian inspired home that splendidly opened to a gleaming water garden - a tranquil spot in the far end corner of her living room. I can see it still, in my mind's eye, how the home had an airily lit, shall I say - chakra point - illuminated by the buoyant murmuring presence of  water,  color and nature.

Several sizable birdcages also graced the garden, its cheery tweetie' occupants being dozens of lovable lovebirds the sight and sound of which was adorably amazing! Fronting the bird cages was the mini zenish' black pearly' pool  lorded by what seemed to little girl me,  hundreds of magnificent Koi fishies' - an auspicious sight, both enthralling and mysterious. 
An authentic bonsai masterpiece theatrically mounted in an auspicious corner of the Greenbelt pond. 
It was one of the happiest places to be, standing there, fascinated by the leisurely graceful swimmy' moves of spotted yellow, white, orange golden Koi's  creating gentle concurrent ripply waves as they gingerly sashay towards you in anticipation of bread treats. 
A feisty swarm of Maya birds seem to fancy these bushes. It was quite an entertaining sight.
And those were the days, as they say. 
Nowadays, I get my unrelenting 'Koi fix' from public gardens, a most accessible favorite spot being the verdant Greenbelt fish ponds. I have languid afternoons seated at the adjacent Museum Cafe' - sometimes with a friend, at times merely me, - where for a moment's cup of coffee, life is nary a care but for the fishes to see. 

Koi's have quite an enchanting legend.  Story goes that when the greatest sage, Confucious, had a son, a certain important king presented him with a black carp called a Magoy. According to legend, that particular Magoy was 'the great ancestor' to all present day Koi's.

I'm in the throes of Koi pond envy and would sure like to have my own (tiny) pond in my little garden. Video tutorials are a' plenty in Youtube, all I have to do is coerce, I mean convince my husband that maintaining the fishies' would be manageable. :D

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Art in the Park Photos: A Collection

Two ( or is it 3?)  Saturdays ago, I had the pleasure of a  great summer afternoon viewing the most fascinating display of paintings and artworks by up n' coming Philippine artists. My bit of adventure was made more fun by the presence of my youngest son who accompanied me.

I snapped a volley' of pics' as we meandered from one folksy' stall to another. There was a LOT to see and the place was bursting with all smiles curious  people!  The event was dubbed ' Art in the Park' and here are my favorite sets.

Being a super flower lover, the bloomy' galleries were more my kinda' thing. These flower paintings are lovely! There was a lot to look at, and I wish I took more time going through everything. 
This was a really cute birdie' eye treat! :D

And this lady 
that makes you see
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