Can extract sunshine from a cloudy day!

Join the great company of those who make the barren places of life fruitful with kindness. Carry a vision of heaven in your hearts, and you shall make your name,your college, the world, correspond to that vision. Your success and happiness lie within you. External conditions are the accidents of life, its outer wrappings. The great, enduring realities are love and service. Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulty. ~ Helen Keller
L❀VE ♥´¯`•.¸¸.• ♥ •´¯`•.¸¸.♥Fiat Lux ♥´¯`•.¸¸.• ♥L❀VE ♥´¯`•.¸¸.• ♥ •´¯`•.¸¸.♥Fiat Lux ♥´¯`•.¸¸.• ♥

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Champagne Soul and Bamboozled Wants :D

I was in the little marmy' loo' in FullyBooked yesterday when a polished darling lady flashes a smile and proclaims that  I, moi',,,the foggy feely greeny cloaked me...look - fantastic, haha!

Took me by surprise and a quick two second' to fitly respond! It was dear loveliness to be appreciated by another woman, and I warmed to her attention dolling fruity shy thanks, lavishly wishing her a pleasurable rest of the day! The lady beside her was beams as well, and we all three basked ourselves in a true activated magic moment of strangers connecting in a bubbly fizz of toasty merry female bonhomie geniality! Exquisite champagne soul experience.

I want to be as gutsy gallant as she is, shun self-consciousness dotting people with natural encouragement. Not that I needed attention, but coming from a cave of agh' hacking wheezy feelies' and touched by the morbs, it sure was sunny shine to be eye loved by a human angel. 😍
I'm going all out tutu and go for a pic of me in shades
- for the sake of posterity, 

Spent dinner evening with a dear dear friend and her beau - and my hearty' is floodlighted with cheer wishes for spells of long lasting love days. I bless bestow these folksies' with tenderness and life filled togetherness. Happiness multiplies when I see my soul hearts settled. All joy.

Me' thinks I'll take out the pretty pink candles and make a ritual of speak-casting goodness towards everyone I meet! Makes me feel breezy comet sparkly alive just thinking of doing so.

I want my surrounds, my aura to be pulsating glitters laced with silvery charity, and golden providence upped from a heart vitalized by the Source of Life. Speaking of which, this morning I was struck blessed to spend sufficient moment with the Divine Spirit of Life. In doing, I likely found my word for the year
-- "The Bloom"!!

The Bloom..The Bloom...How fabulous is that, haha!

Meditations centered on the Book of Luke telling of Angel Gabriel's visitation with a  Holy pronouncement of Good News for Mother Mary. The message was personally, one - for -the - books, I'd say, lols! Like I was being word lifted to accept upon my spirit the same cheer, with a certainty that it's all good and there's no need to be afraid, whatsoever. The power of the Highest, overshadows.

Thomas Kempis is a soul guide too. His Imitation of Christ is ever by my side and the fresh morning found me in his pages where communion with reflection spoke of instruction on how to determine your PATH. 
What I most found striking was the phrase that centered on how personal wants and yearnings can actually get an upgrade - only, it was referenced as ' growing to maturity'... Something I want qualified in my life. - I mean, really, if one keeps on pining for the same bamboozled wants then it goes to follow that one gets the same life over again, packaged in a different box, but of the same baggage still. That's what makes life feel like a choking trap. Different day, different problem, same circus circumstance. Samaskara. 
It's the newness of attitudes that refreshes life. 

In Facebook, I usually share a garland of Three Thoughts to up my day. As I look to my morning devotion, I'm inspired to surmise the following divine feminine thoughts:

🎄If you live from a humble heart of innocence you need not dread, dismay, despair of anything. God is your practical guide - wisely advising what to do. With life values in place, you will always have the upper hand! #enlightenedmind #clearconscience #straightpath

🎄Holy Devotion and artful prayer cure all sorts of diseases of the heart. One has the look of health. Breathing is easy not gut labored. The tongue is effortlessly word satin smooth,  untangled from knots of senseless chesty negativity.  Spiritual life valves are healthy; worthless bickerings, acidic disputes, tiffs, and foul fuss have no rancid ego space to regurgitate from. Remember, no argument will matter when one is stiff dead in the grave, haha! Pointless.   #glowingaura #preservedpeace

🎄Holy Devotion and artful prayers make for a charmed day! There is childlike adventure and wonder wrapped in the minutes. The smallest steps have profound meaning. When stressed, the gaps within air give available kindness as needed. Our actions are moderated towards compassion and politeness, sheltering us from being unexpectedly rude, in turn giving us inner calm and the confidence of appropriate self - love with a peace that benefits others. #positivevibes #upliftothers

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Inspired Living 2017

All sanity depends on this: that it should be a delight to feel heat
strike the skina delight to stand upright, knowing the bones are moving easily under flesh. ~ Doris Lessing

"Enchanted Prism"  ~ My Expressive Imaginative Way of Living 2017  👄

Imaginative living my agh, haha! I wasn't imagining to be down - knocked - out with the peskiest of coughs for a full long week! Gad, it was wretchedly awful! Hard to believe I started the year with marathon sinus challenges, and Oho' gad goodness forbids I end it with a celebratory bout of sneezy headache fuzzies!👩 

Praise heavens I'm on the comeback feel of full restoration - thanks to a buffet of meds the doc prescribed, cheerio!  I can still feel a trail of tenderness in my right sinus passageway, but another night's sleep will heal through, my angel guide says to me. 

Whatever while should I complain of tedious aches and pains when somewhere around and a mile across people wailfully carry the purest sufferings of a beaten world. Unfathomable to my mind, but the year has seen a scorch of one madness reaching towards another. I ought to shush' myself. 

One thing learned is to more than dearly take proactive steps in ensuring vitality; change of diet, more sweat. more fresh air, more. more,  m-o-r-e of everything in life that's fresh, succulent, tempered with what's simple and common sense right. 🎕

2017 is at my doorstep, grinning winsomely, offering luminous perspective for a new inner world of exaltation. Well, why not?  Resolutions aren't my thing but plotting and creating sure are! More than ever, the call of living from inner bliss can't be ignored. I hear its clamorous invitation - insisting I stand upright and arise to a mesmerizing existence, allowing the bones of days to move - with - the - flesh, as the heat of a minute strikes skin and delight becomes life. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

When You've Got Cool Skies

Cool suave glitzy blue sky morning I woke to and was immediately affronted with what everyone seems to think is a brand new nefarious world! ( My bad, I checked the news!) - The moment my sleep droop eyes stirred a peeky,' the perceptible perk of waking up to fresh morning sunshine with a touch of rosy pink cool  didn't resonate with the beauty it's supposed to effect on me!

Oh 'I detest that! Cool mornings and days are so rare where I am, we have them for about a couple or three months most and it's sunburn season again. It's my favorite time of year yet my mind is cobwebbed by crubby ideas brought on by object referral. Shucks, I don't want to live like a spider, eight long legs and all but crawling, haha!  So here I am reminding my self of  what makes sense  and what is uplifting:

1. "Ponder the paths of my feet and let my ways be established''...

2. "Whosoever sees evil, let him change it with his hand, if not then with his tongue, if not then with his heart."

3. I pray for patience, the elimination of mental obstructions, such as biased perspectives and ignorance, and to cultivate a path of wisdom and enlightenment.

I thank Divinity for the spirit of purpose and ask dearly for an all encompassing love inspiration for a fruitfully honest Dharma practice, best applied at such a time  as this.

May all sentient beings feel at peace.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Wearing Your Fun: The Latest Online Finds! :D

I might have gone a bit 5th grade on this one, haha!, and yes, that's a scar near my wrist. Interesting story that scar - dates back to when my eldest was months old. I had to fix milk at 2 am, groggy. and the glass bottle dropped inflicting a deep nasty gash on that part of my upper wrist. But hey, this isn't about bleeds or wounds I'm journaling' here. It's all about my latest quirky online fun finds!

My fab online shopping, for the second time ever, was a success, haha! Pleased as an owl I was when I opened my parcels and found my lovely artsy vintagey wants smiling back at me! It was a welcome to mama moment, lols! I luuuuv' everything here - even if it may seem a great dot ...dotty' to others, hehe!! When I saw that watch, ah, pure fun you'd think I've unboxed a Rolex, lols!

This went well, but I'm not an online fan of shopping. I truly have to feel, touch and see something for myself before I swipe a credit card or thrust money in a stranger's account.

The tote bag here is great! It's printed fabric so there's room for stitching and styling. I'd pair all these with a fun cream summer light dress..or a light colored blouse with just the right patina.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sweet Cherrie'...Live From Your Imagination

Roselle Quin's Slidely Gallery by Slidely Photo Gallery

At last, haha! Been preoccupied with this and that and been here and there so it took a moment of a while for me to have my beloved poupee' take centerstage. This is Sweet Cherrie' -- my darling creation. She was crafted with a dollop of sugary temperament and a love for blooms. She manages a flower boutique and is presently engaged to arrange wreathes and stashes of rosie potpourri for a party of ladies who lunch. Sweet Cherrie' has 2 besties' - both to be introduced in the coming days.
Nothing could be more fun than giving birth to your imagination. I'm hoping to craft around 333 dolls. I'm in the planning and working it out stage. Last month I even attended a doll making class. Life's a buzz and things get in the way...but I feel I won't be complete until what I have in mind turns into reality.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Wearing Your Fun! :D OOTD Wacky' Weekend at Sunnies Cafe

Roselle Quin's Slidely Gallery by Slidely Photo Gallery

My Moodswings Vintage LuLu dress, I luv it, haha! :D #uberjuicyglam

Life was a jet of luv' the weekend past -  the way it  should be!  What could be more fab than having the audacity to wear summer's sunshine, lols! :D This greeny, orangey, vibey dress is the ultimate - juicy retro! Goodness, this was lots of fun wearing - you can just feel the energy  bamboodazzled with marshmallow moments!! 

Dressing your truth makes people around you happy - makes every one who sees you glad!  I will never ever allow drabness to enter my sphere of 'Pink wisdom living - not ever ever again! Life moments of feeling up- vibrant and healthy are such  wonderful precious important gifts - what best way to be reminded than to wear your fun! 

Speaking of fun, there's  lovely place we tried  at BGC. Haven't  noticed it before, I think it must be new. Only one thing to say about it --> awesome! It' exudes a modernish' cutsie' mid-century vibe, words fail me, so by golly, you must go!!! I don't do restau recommends really, but this is one place I'd drag everyone to! It's fresh, cool, and the food --- wow, totally swag! 

It is not, and I emphasize, NOT, as expensive as a fine dine tootsie place,  but you have more than enough of that deliciousness  "experience" with a combined touch of colorful earthiness, a bit of a 50's diner feel, capped with a  touch of the Jetsons!  

One word of caution --> the temptation to take photos of other folksies food is to the max! Control yourself, lols! Oh' and go dress retro with funky colors - fab for photos! :D

*Sunnies Cafe: INSTAGRAM

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Things May Happen Around You

I've made a conscious resolve to live from my inner sunshine and let be what I have no practical power to change. I'm referencing to the current state scenario which is an addled pipe dream of hope and ministerial mania, whose bloody center is pinned on a probable but evidently mouthful patriot or despot, whichever side one prefers to elect. I take no sides, angles, or corners except that of an astute observer, resolute on keeping negative minions at bay and concentrating instead on everything that builds my personal civic greatness. 

Greatness, what a lofty word, but Les Brown, bless him, is my current life inspiration. What a providential moment to reacquaint with his philosophy.  I used to listen to Les years ago and rediscovered the groove when my youngest son played the motivator's YouTube glibs'. They all came back, fired and muscled and brawny and full of high octane mind power blessings. I have several favorite quotes but the core of his talks would center on this most important lesson - the  rule of taking responsibility for your life. 

“Things may happen around you, and things may happen to you, but the only things that really count are the things that happen in you.” ~Les Brown

Click HERE to continue reading. Thank you. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What I Wore to the Cooper's! :D

Poor bloggy boo'...haven't updated you for a month, tsk! tsk!..How dusty forlorn you've become, ( insert sad face, hah!) I've been here and some, it was all FUN,  but nothing written to mark those could I!?! Never the mind, I'm typing back, conversing with spirit and air, banishing blogdom'' dullness and saying aye 'to writing beginnings! :D

Couple of swanky Saturday's back, we ( and by we, it's the Hubs and I of course) double dated with the dashing Mr. and Mrs. Cooper. I tell you, that day was darling' fab, all drizzly rainy, the skies floaty with its low fog clouds enfolding roof top buildings. O' ýes, I prefer the rains, the blessed cool kind that filters the air a notch down the pollution bar. For a long while the season of heat we had was merciless and  endless, seriously going on and on for what seemed like a scathing pledge to for-ev-er! Quite unbelievable and truly uncomf'table. 

Anyway, the Cooper's were fantastic lovely folks and we had a high grand evening of talks and laughs. One for the books, I'd say and the memory is for keeps.

Do take a look at that slice of sweet in the pic on the right! Now, that was one amazing slice - just perfect! Before heading to "Italliani's"at Serendra, where we met the Coopers for dinner, the husband and I shared a serving of Sansrival  and had ourselves both a cup of coffee at Larry's Bar. Didn't realize I'd actually luv' the place with its retro red stretched sofa and black fleur style tiles reminiscent of old homes. All these time, I'd just walk past the place and opt for somewhere else...well not anymore. I believe Larry's will be my new hangout of sorts.

Lately. I've been having fun all dolling up with a strange feel like I'm just now growing up! Kinda' grand, really because it feels good. Never really bothered with clothes and bags and other girly twirly stuff for most my life. It would take a great hoity event to make me seriously ponder what to wear.  It would be whatever, a shirt and some old jeans usually. 

The past couple of years  have been a  revelation, so perhaps I'm getting myself groomed better. I take notice now of what makes me feel snazzy great. This new found curiosity could only stem from the fact that the boys are grown and working. I  have me for  me finally. In this pic above I was wearing an..

1. Old US plaid
2. Guess jeans
3. Green sweat by MeMo
4. 7 year old pair of leather  boots

After dinner the hubs and I decided to have one drink to cap of the late evening. I was dressed for fun but certainly not for a club the likes of  Bank Bar where everyone was seriously in sexy clubby black dress attire hahaha! I mean, I was dressed to rock  the rodeo, not bob with clubbing democrats. I dunno' but it's unlikely I'm ever going  back to that hive, very chic pulp fictiony' and cool probably - but not my vibe. Once is enough.

It's the joy in your heart. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Today's Latest Loot is a Hoot, haha! :D

Today's Latest Loot!! by Slidely Slideshow

It's the end of the strain, it's the joy in your heart! :D

No, it doesn't take much to drive me ecstatic! It's one of the things I thank God for - an innate ability to be so appreciative of the slightest cute, the little'lest happy, the simplest pretty. This week's loot proves my lot!

 I went about my usual errands, with a side trip to a  second hand bookstore (as usual), and my usual pre-loved store selling everything second hand, mostly Japanese tea cups, plates, platters and saucers, pots and pans, cabinets, clocks, bikes and golly' dee' doo'...just about anything one can think of. The place is a veritable promise of joy in your heart, and needless to say, I'm thrilled with my teacup finds!

Pushing my supermarket trolly, meantime,  (not the usual supermarket I go to, thank goodie!), I chanced upon a section of handicrafts, ribbons, hairpins and such - lo' and behold' there it was - that ultra- fushia supermarket glamour darling of a tote hahaha! I'm a sucker for summery type native bags and  fell ever so tightly totally in love with it! Those beads, those beads yes, did me in! :D

Who doesn't fancy a bit of shopping, eh?!? Going from one boutique to another curiously ogling the latest fascinating fashion is an  indulgence, and so is scouring malls for that perfect pair of pants or some fancy dress. It's fair fun but nothing though', comes close to the puritanical pleasure of unearthing a fabulous bargain find, because you just KNOW what you hold in your hands is a revelation - a bit of collectible - priced for a song - a thrill for close to nothing!

The "Country Tea Parties" book is utterly delightful! Page after page of glossy paint prints, intimate tea descriptions and proper recipes. Here's the Goodreads description. Clicking on Goodreads would  lead you to the link.
From intimate get-togethers to large social events, tea is the perfect excuse for delightful parties of all kinds. Whether you’re looking for traditional menus of teas and delicate accouterments or you want to host a unique party filled with unforgettable personal touches, Country Tea Parties teems with creative, eminently doable ideas to fit any occasion. Fill your house with fragrant rose petals and invite some friends over to cozy up around a fresh warm pot.
 Airs and Graces is fun. The best kind for a before I sleep book read with a cup of chamomile tea at a convenient reach on the side table. I'm halfway through and look forward to reading it every evening. Here's the book description from the Erica James website:
Ellen has been living on her own in a picturesque, if damp cottage in Cheshire since her husband abandoned her to go and live with another woman in Provence. Having married once for love, she is now determined that the second time around it will be for money. Close at hand is Duncan, her not unattractive, and enticingly single, divorce lawyer… 
But then two new people enter her life: Jo-Jo, a homeless girl several months pregnant; and Matthew, an artist who paints murals in country houses and who, on his first meeting with Ellen, openly criticises her for being mercenary and devious. But, as hostility gives way to friendship, Ellen realises that she has wavered off course from her original plan and she has to remind herself very strongly indeed that Duncan is the man for her.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Starting The Week with A Feels for the Marvelous! :D

“Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight.” 
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Good morning! Glorious feeling over here with sweet sunlight and a rush of  the good life. Life should be good, full of yum and fun and satisfaction. Even in the midst of challenges and the everyday hum- drum ov' it all, there ought to be healthy space for calm and recollection. 

  I am ever so grateful for deep brown/black coffee with just a touch of cream and side serving of cookie. There's inspiration and renewal and that palpitating excitement of newness! This week is going to be vavoom' I can tell! O yes, I can tell because I am gong to MAKE IT SO!!! For one, there's a stash of new books to peruse, one particularly I' m currently so in luv' with! It's a fantastic cookbook - quite vintage, and yes, I'm going to blog about it but not just yet. There's a lot of cooking in sight - plus, I'm planning a bit of a fun happening. 

My exercise routine takes full swing, and so does my doodle art and writing. What's important to me right now is how I feel. I intend to feel my optimal best - mentally and physically HEALTHY!  It would take discipline and a lot of loving - and yes, I'm all for that. I won't look around for inspiration - I will be my own inspiration - and my own discipline officer, haha!

This typing here is  quite a rush as there's something that needs to be done at the moment. I'll be back later to chat this space up. Meantime, all is well, all is fab, all is glam! :D

Friday, June 10, 2016


MIDHAVEN by: W.E.D.Rosse

No husband right now!! He is a country away for work. My sons are doing their own thing. O' wait, one has arrived and is now ensconced in the privacy of  his cave.  -- This leaves  me on a Friday evening, technically,  all alone. Yes, I am left to my own devices, and frankly, I'm pleased, haha!

What to do, what to do, hehe! I've got it all planned. I've had a roast chicken dinner, and my warm warm bath is bidding. Incidentally,  I found a KennethMD hypoallergenic bath soap from the hubby's recent trip, all stashed in our soap drawer - smells good  so I'll try it. My face right now is itchy and totally allergy feeling.

I intend to spend the next couple hours before midnight immersed in that book above, O' yes! It is my  find of the century, haha! Dug it from a second hand bookshop I frequent.  Can't describe the thrill I felt when I spied it - all anciently yellowed pages with a 1964 original copyright! I know a good one when I see one. I just love the cover of this! Plus, it's a horror story of just the right sort, nothing bloody, but enough  sinister umph' to keep the pages turning.  Aiks, I hope I don't get nightmares, lols!

Here's the gist of it:


Her mother a suicide, her father dead from an accident in which she was involved, lovely Rita Myles attempts to exorcise the devil within her. It all starts out when she was asked to uncover the mystery of the 'hanging suicides' at a private clinic. -- Somewhere, somehow in the terror filled days that followed, was the answer to her own horror. Posing as a disturbed patient she felt herself inescapably caught up in the madness of the patients, never quite sure she might not become one of them.

If that's not fabulous for a Friday night, I dunno' what is!
Off to reader land...this will be so snuggly.
But first to feed the dog. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Poupées and Better Days! ♥L❀VE ♥´

Roselle Quin - Life today with my sweet dollies'! 
My latest lovely poupees' are coming to life, haha! :D  
Today I gave them wings but hair will have to wait as I've yet to visit a yarn shop. Goodness, I am so excited, lols! I've decided to make about twenty or twenty five sweetie's for the whole month of June, as they truly need a host of friendships around them! My inner realm is super artsy at the moment and  it is fantastically the best place to be!
As for the outer realm agh, there is a fuming world of uncertainty and fear mongering where I am. A whole lot of collective gasping, sighing, dark gossiping, frantic analyzing and major dooms day prophesying on a daily by minute basis. It takes nothing to be swept up in the near mass hysterics  as my country's newly elected president makes it his darn vocal point to furnish the nation an off- with-the-head graphic  forecast of what will become of criminals, sans human rights.  I have my own views about this of course, but would rather keep it to myself - except to say that I believe in better days coming,  

I believe that each individual has the the power to create commanding intentions and positive energy. My focus hinges on that - which is why today I have a veritable smile and a glowing resolve to be a healer of days, as well as, a spirituous creator of beauty. 

Singapore Trip and The Great Shout Out for Inspiration

Roselle Quin's Slidely Gallery by Slidely Photo Gallery

If Slidely folds up I am so - ahem' - screwed. I've been posting slides for months now, and if for any  reason Slidely decides to bid adieu, then, alas, all my dazzling posts will be bereft ( as in VOID) of glamour pictures, haha!  And -- the posts hardly make a dent without the visuals, aiks!

Ah, gad
, here I am once again worrying, worrying, worrying about anything and everything! It's a grand past time of mine lately, the worrying thing. You name, I'l worry about it! I'm not so batty tho, as I still have a third of my innate sense of humor intact - at least I think so.

In fact, I was over at my SWEET SEMANTICS  blog, chatting it up a bit because that site, wow, it's gone stale! The page is all but a dormant volcano left to snooze for 10 centuries! Strangely, writing there  gave me a surge of typing inspiration which  coursed  through my fingers. Here I am therefore, blabbering and calling out to my writing angels and muses for a much needed and desired visitation.

Oh, my dearest writing angels and muses, come to me, as I desperately  want to revive my writing stamina! I want want WANT my blogging(s) to be more alluring, more....magnetizing...more charismatic...more revealing and connecting. I need to resurrect my sense of semantics and my deep passion for stringing words and offering it bravely to the world!  
Now, about my head tensions, they have eased somehow. For this I am wholeheartedly grateful to our dear Lord and all heavenly divine friends. There is a more "normal" feel to my entire being - more specifically the past days.  I believe I'm getting there. There being the feeling of being entirely, completely healthily my old/new self.  I feel saner, lighter, stronger.

My anxiety  attacks brought about by lingering ails' are quiet and pacified. I am happier...happy enough to get back to my artistic endeavors with renewed vigor. Two dolls are in the making. They are ever so sweet, and I am excited to post about them - very soon.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sweet Sunday Tchaicovsky Feelie! :D

A Tchaikovsky Feel of Life by Slidely Photo Gallery

Listening to: Tchaikovsky

Sunday morning with a cup of cuffee' in hand..sipping...musing..listening...watching this collection of past cutesomes' in my life.  This app me' thinks only works viewed on a computer, o' well. I find it relaxing - gives me a smile to see how I can capture prettiness. I'm setting aside all my health issues and focusing on what's bright - because that's what I've always done. I'm a veteran in extracting sunshine - yep, that's what I do.

The Hubba' and I have just celebrated our 27th anniversary. we had quite the foodie' fun, but I'll reserve that post for its own.

I'm looking forward to the coming week. Got goals ye' see! 5 dolls and 5 journal arts, plus the written artsy' plan! Can't wait to post it all!

This week: To live authentically, To be true to my heart's dreams and moral sensibilities, to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment, to feel right with my path and to navigate that path delightfully, these are my desires - the precepts that are the heart of me.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Saturday Dinner at Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano

Roselle Quin's Slidely Gallery by Slidely Photo Gallery

I didn't have any heady' friggin' ache Tuesday. Maybe just a twinge, a slight pulling feel from my eyes back when it seemed I've spent an hour glued on my laptop. So I rest when I get that, then return when I feel light. I'm pleased. Very pleased.

The collage above was dinner last Saturday evening at Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano. Me' thinks the Hubs and I are slowly evolving into foodies. Then, again, haven't we always been for 27 years now?!? I wasn't in the best mood, frankly - what with a weird head feel, allergy obviously circling my eyes with dark shine and a seeming weight of detachment engulfing me, I wasn't a hundred percent fun. Not that I wrecked havoc - only, I wasn't my usual chirpy talky self. My hubs was a dear tho'... reeling me in and doing his best to make me comfy.

Carpaccio is quaint. A pleasant enclave of glowing elegant quiet tucked away from the usual dining places.The food was ok - except for the pasta vongole - I've had better. We're thinking of going back with the boys. Maybe.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Reflux Laryngitis, Allergies, Head Tensions, Lower Back Pain - The Great I Have's!

Roselle Quin's Slidely Gallery by Slidely Photo Gallery

Current feel: OK.
Listening to: The Three Tenors

Hola! I'm alive, praise goodness God.

Been a couple ov' weeks since my last soiree' with the doc and what a ride it's been, whew! For the first time in my entire life, I experienced how it was to have an elevated blood pressure - right there in the endoscopy room of St. Lukes. I could tell the doc was slightly flustered asking me if I've ever had a bp that high before. Never! I was seething agitated ( though one couldn't tell because I looked preternaturally calm) at the thought of a foreign object to be inserted inside my nose going who knows where and for how long. Secondly, the head tension was there, pounding and pronounced though not as wildly calamitous as the past weeks - but present and pulsing it was. I was in a world of worry, actually and have been for a long while now.

Anyway,  the magic snakey camera that weaved it's way down my nosey to my trachea unraveled that I had a secondary condition called "Reflux Larryngitis" or "silent reflux"... meaning, every time I go to sleep, acid travels up my esophagus to my throat producing some sort ov' bacteria. which most likely in a way triggers my allergic rhinitis..gad' what a conniving story!

I left the docs office with my youngest son who so happened to be in the area so dropped in for me. It was not a fun feel to discover that the doc wasn't all that sure what was causing my head pressure since I didn't have sinusitis at all. He suggested I see a musculoskeletal rehab specialist, because he had an inkling the head thing was more of tension. This brought my attention to the fact that simultaneous to my allergy was a lower back pinched nerve pain I've had for the same span of time. Sigh.

I spent the better part of the following days diligent with my meds and as much as I could sticking to the diet best suited for reflux. Not easy as I had the best time popping in coffee shops here and there, and having a pasta or two with a heavy slathering of tomato sauce. My silly collage above is just a dent of all the groovyness I've eaten in spite of my head pressure, facial tension, sneezy feel and general malaise. I somehow pull myself together, plaster a bit of makeup to at least decently look alive and smile my worries away.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Diary of My Allergy: Part 1: The Rubber Band Feel

Dang fabulous to have a full set of brows, hahaha! 

 Had myself a field week of running 'ere and there from the docs to fixin'  up  paper work needed to fulfill an endoscopy procedure on my sinuses next week. I was prescribed a set of meds, some to be puffed inside me' nostrils! I'm feeling better, but there's still that band head pressure feel' though not as eeky' as before.

Funny, but my right eye seems to be getting the blunt of it. feeling all scratchy and  pressed. There are times my eyebrow lines feel bloaty botoxed, lols! In this pic, my head was feeling a lot more "pressured" than today.

It was quite the fun in spite of the situation. Somehow it was  "solo traveler" me up in adventures, and I see now how I've dressed the part, haha! :D  After going to St. Lukes, I stowed me'self away in a corner coffee shop and had the time, (finally, imagine that!)  to jot down important notes I've been meaning to dawdle my brains on.

My head had that "rubber band strange string feel,  but count my blessings I did. At least I could breath right, even if I had a bit of a chest cold. Another plus, is I wasn't  weak. Goodness, I hate dwelling on aches and pains, but writing this down gives me a profile of my health history. I've had allergy, rhinitis and sinusitis before, but this is the first time I've been hit this way.

Another fine thing to note is that my skin is 'well, nice, lols! Vanity aside, my "apple cream facial set" is working wonders on me!!! Thank goodness for my beauty guru friend, Rowie, who is smarty pretty on how to make one's skin creamy glow! I swear my brownish spotty melasma isn't as pronounced as before - not that it's no longer visible, but it is, as of the moment, significantly reduced. My face has a brighter healthier aura even with this ill feel I'm carrying.

Took me sooo' long to learn - goodness, should've done this when I was younger! Never to late, lols!

Roselle Quin

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Good Friday Afternoon 2016

 A day after Easter and I'm only just now in the mood to celebrate!
Make that a week's celebration for me! An inner travelling to parts within to re-pump, re-light, re- charge, re- align, re -new, relieve, re-order, re- fresh and remind myself that "God is in control"and that the part of me that nobody see's - that part which trembles and fears still as that seven year old in a dark hallway did, she needn't wobble in fright anymore. She's come thus far, in spite - supported, sheltered, cared for and held, sniff!  So drama, ew, lols! :D 

O I lurvs this picy of me below! It look as if I'm in a state of soporific elation. Fact is, I was having an *allergific* moment so evident by my more pronounced than ever darky rings which no amount of concealer could decently blot out. My head was in a tight band pressurized state, my eyes pulpy, and my facial feel was so icky'prickly I swear if touched, my hands would come off with spiny needles!

It was a Good Friday moment on my own with the hubby shooed off to the gym and the boys wherever they were at this time! So there I was, part of me missing my bestie' friendship who now resides overseas. It would have been one chatty silly phone call if she were around. Time zones are in play and life is different now, so nothing left to do but think about the past. Drama' hahaha!! Where I'm seated is nostalgic because we had a great chat here one evening a week before she left.

Ah' yes, times, they are a' changing so fast. I know there are even more changes in store -  keeping positive about this even if I'm  feeling a bit riled up.

And here's that book I was reading while  having my "moment"...Almost done and I can't put it down. Anita Shreve books should really be turned to movies as I swear, they're all riveting! . This one here is about a young American  husband and wife living in Africa. The wife speaks in the story - one can just feel the shakiness and bravery she puts upfront. Much like real life. Yes, so much like real life.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Super Fun HK Family Trip

A few odd days after my super uneventful 48th birthday (lols!) we went to Hong Kong for a quick but wonderful fun filled family bonding! Ah, respite, thank you good Lord! it was something I thoroughly needed because the past week thereof, was a wild racket of stressy days, lols! :D
I can smile and laugh now, but goodness, my youngest fell ill (so near to the planned departure) - which required an insistent nervous trip to the ER, whew! - AND, me, o' well, I was plastered heeing and hying with seasonal allergies that  lent my head achy  pressured and my eyes swollen.  The hubby was overseas all the while this mini chaos was dastardly unfolding,  I was left to hunker and make brave on my own. Now my sons aren't -  kids,
hah! No, egads! But no matter how old your child is, the same heartbeat worry of their childhood sickie days gushes through your veins and it's all warrior mama mode, no matter what!A mom will always worry and take charge 6 or 60, hahaha!

HKTRIP by Slidely Photo Gallery

It wasn't anything seriously -> serious, but the fact that we were looking forward to celebrate my birthday out of the country, and with one possibly left behind magnified my anxiety.

Faith I'd say, full blast faith saw me through! Dear Divinity - the good Love Lord pulled through, pulled though, pulled me through. I'm humbled, truly humbled in gratefulness!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Good Morning from Me and My Barky Bushy (Trial Vid)

Morning Sun Effect - Eragnyby: Camille Pissarto
PS: This vid is supposed to loop but instead stalls just when 
I say "have a nice day, mwah" haha! Pressing replay completes the message, lols!

Gad, can't believe it, but It's been a a couple ov' weeks filled with fluey' ventures. I refuse to ascribe this sickie' situation to, ahem, age! O'goodness never, haha! I know folks two decades older than good ol' meeh' who move and live like fresh spring chickies, eh! I probably have to tweak the way I do life. My exercising is good, but I know my eating habits have to be improved.

Seriously, it's pretty pesky to be dragged down like a wet bamboo-dazzled squirrel. At the risk of sounding lame + boring, I have to utter my bedraggled frustration for feeling chest coldy' and head-achy. Never been bothered by headaches before, then again, life's telling me why not, why not, why not now?!?

I'm feeling a tad better, thank goodness. - but there's still this allergy vibe I feel in my tight chest, and throat, up to my face in my puffed up eyes, sensitive facial pain, and tight band head feely'. Sigh!

Anyway, I woke up feeling good this morning and decided to put in make-up to make myself come alive, haha! I intend to make short clippy video journals so this is a start.

I've lots to learn and editing stuff to have if I want to make my videos clear and understandable. For now, I've no choice but to work with free online editors. Eventually, I'd migrate to Youtube  but it'd be better  to do that when I'm already whole lot techie' creative. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Birth of a Thought on an Ash Wednesday Morning

 O' Jesus, attract my heart, and confirm it in your love. Grant that detached from all things and uninfluenced by the allurements of self love, I may breath only your love,  and neither seek nor love anything but you in all  things. ~ Reflections, Vatican ll
═════════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ═══════

A dozen fetching cutie possibilities I dunno' where to start! All I know is to  make these series of months pop alive with pinks, lavenders, yellows, creams and all whimsical shade of greens! 

I feel compelled to create so many beautiful dainty things. ornaments, adornments, - by hand - my imagination is running wild with colors & blueprints which tell a tale of pretty. ! 

⊰✿ It is a wild thankful thought melting in the aperture of my wits.  I'm growing into smiles and understanding; an all  encompassing acceptance of every cleverness,  haha!  Maybe this is wisdom, arms outstretched in the quintessence of living. 
═════════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ═══════

Sunday, February 7, 2016

"My First Zumba Experience!!"

Look for good things about where you are, and in your state of appreciation, you lift all self-imposed limitations - and all limitations are self-imposed - and you free yourself for the receiving of wonderful things.

Looking Up High by: Roselle Quin
I can't believe it! My first ever Zumba-licious workout experience this early Monday morning went exceptionally well --considering my  internal fears of not being able to catch up with a group and looking like a fool. I'm not the most coordinated of people' - in fact, aside from seeming to have two left footsies' that refuse to see eye to eye when it comes to fast motion dancing......
I've always felt awkward swaying any part of my body: hips, waist, legs, arms - you name it! I prefer stability - feet on the ground, or even one  leg raised in a balanced sun salutation. Give me poses and planks that are certain, and I'll manage. Dancing and prancing and arms up down loose swaying in tune with hips gyrating and legs stepping in and out of music might as well be Algebra to me.

Imagine my surprise having finished the session drenched in perspiration and panting from exhaustion - the sure great signs of victory! Body fat loss  and cardiovascular pumping was my goal.

I'm greatly appreciative to have a supportive mentor who takes the time to analyze what sort of movements, lifting and stretching are best for me. It's good to have someone analyze your weaknesses and what strength you can build on to reach your health goal.

"You will know your path by the fun of it." ~ LOA

It takes 21 days to build a habit they say. Well, I've started the year with yoga and running. Every day I have to psyche myself up somewhat and remind myself of what my spirit wants, which is strength, A great many people have such confidence when it comes to setting health goals and achieving them. Sadly, I'm NOT --> them because honestly, I present myself such magnanimous setbacks. 

But today, I'm expecting the best from myself. 
Tomorrow, I will too. 
And the next day, 
and the next. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vanilla Afternoon with my Son! :D

Wee'...woke up really late today. Hubby out of the country and the boys busy with work so it's just
me with everything that involves my own activities. I'm foreseeing a quiet busy two days of writing and the rest of the week filled up with even more writing, art, photo's, a dinner out and meet-up with friends.

I had a charming weekend, with particular emphasis on the "date" I had with my youngest son. I've always wanted to check out this "Vanilla Bakery" place I've heard about and lo, the moment popped up just right in time! It's a pretty gurly' place - with sprays of pastel and lovely frills;   I was glad my son gamely obliging. It was heartwarming to have that private time to hear what's actually going on in his life , work, play, troubles, plans, hopes. As a mom, the ping to step in and give all sorts of advise springs forth naturally. However, I do realize, I must  step back and let them (both my boys) handle their own challenges. Perhaps this will evolve as a ritual with my two sons. It's great going out with friends, there's so much loveliness in that; but to have your own children as lifelong friends, willing and enjoying to lunch you out is a golden blessing. Praise. 

An Afternoon with Mikee by Slidely Slideshow

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Struggle -> Pose

“The quality of your life is dependent upon the quality of the life of your cells. If the bloodstream is filled with waste products, the resulting environment does not promote a strong, vibrant, healthy cell life-or biochemistry capable of creating a balanced emotional life for an individual.” ~ Tony Robbins

Struggle pose I call it; to sit straight on the floor with the back  arched, your arms reaching out in differing stretching angles that require your spine to fully engage with the movements. This was the challenge early morning yoga class.

I get what's it's all about - support and confidence that  your spine will hold you up limber straight, when asked, and flow gracefully supine with the movements. Hah, none of that for me, I'm afraid. Surprise! Surprise!

My whole torso was in a state of stiff, bent puzzlement - like gurl' what the eck' do you want me to do and why, what for, do I really have to?!?  I felt a wave of  complaint as my backbone, new to the experience, simply  couldn't perfect the 'look'. It had a mind of its own opting to bend comfortably, resisting the ensuing straightening, lengthening experience - unsure, questioning, trying, failing, then trying again, and somehow managing to get through the whole experience with a tad of pride that the newness of something, a type of change was hurdled.

For the first time in my life, I'm treating my  body as I would a child - with  the gentleness,  kindness and  firm guided discipline of a responsible parent. Every sweat is  an enlightening joy of  nourishing and creating aliveness. Every movement is an experience,  an adventure that unlocks not only  hidden strength but colorful positive realizations as the process unfolds. 

How wonderful too, to be surrounded by people who  believe that the body gets better, fitter and even stronger as one age,s as long as you have consistent faith  coupled with motivated action to treat yourself with respect and reverence. I affirm that health and vibrancy is mine - because where focus goes, energy flows