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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vanilla Afternoon with my Son! :D

Wee'...woke up really late today. Hubby out of the country and the boys busy with work so it's just
me with everything that involves my own activities. I'm foreseeing a quiet busy two days of writing and the rest of the week filled up with even more writing, art, photo's, a dinner out and meet-up with friends.

I had a charming weekend, with particular emphasis on the "date" I had with my youngest son. I've always wanted to check out this "Vanilla Bakery" place I've heard about and lo, the moment popped up just right in time! It's a pretty gurly' place - with sprays of pastel and lovely frills;   I was glad my son gamely obliging. It was heartwarming to have that private time to hear what's actually going on in his life , work, play, troubles, plans, hopes. As a mom, the ping to step in and give all sorts of advise springs forth naturally. However, I do realize, I must  step back and let them (both my boys) handle their own challenges. Perhaps this will evolve as a ritual with my two sons. It's great going out with friends, there's so much loveliness in that; but to have your own children as lifelong friends, willing and enjoying to lunch you out is a golden blessing. Praise. 

An Afternoon with Mikee by Slidely Slideshow

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