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Friday, February 26, 2016

Good Morning from Me and My Barky Bushy (Trial Vid)

Morning Sun Effect - Eragnyby: Camille Pissarto
PS: This vid is supposed to loop but instead stalls just when 
I say "have a nice day, mwah" haha! Pressing replay completes the message, lols!

Gad, can't believe it, but It's been a a couple ov' weeks filled with fluey' ventures. I refuse to ascribe this sickie' situation to, ahem, age! O'goodness never, haha! I know folks two decades older than good ol' meeh' who move and live like fresh spring chickies, eh! I probably have to tweak the way I do life. My exercising is good, but I know my eating habits have to be improved.

Seriously, it's pretty pesky to be dragged down like a wet bamboo-dazzled squirrel. At the risk of sounding lame + boring, I have to utter my bedraggled frustration for feeling chest coldy' and head-achy. Never been bothered by headaches before, then again, life's telling me why not, why not, why not now?!?

I'm feeling a tad better, thank goodness. - but there's still this allergy vibe I feel in my tight chest, and throat, up to my face in my puffed up eyes, sensitive facial pain, and tight band head feely'. Sigh!

Anyway, I woke up feeling good this morning and decided to put in make-up to make myself come alive, haha! I intend to make short clippy video journals so this is a start.

I've lots to learn and editing stuff to have if I want to make my videos clear and understandable. For now, I've no choice but to work with free online editors. Eventually, I'd migrate to Youtube  but it'd be better  to do that when I'm already whole lot techie' creative. 

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  1. It's lovely to hear your voice, as well as the voice of Bushy!
    My Mups is currently speaking outside because she wants back in :-)


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