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Friday, March 18, 2016

Super Fun HK Family Trip

A few odd days after my super uneventful 48th birthday (lols!) we went to Hong Kong for a quick but wonderful fun filled family bonding! Ah, respite, thank you good Lord! it was something I thoroughly needed because the past week thereof, was a wild racket of stressy days, lols! :D
I can smile and laugh now, but goodness, my youngest fell ill (so near to the planned departure) - which required an insistent nervous trip to the ER, whew! - AND, me, o' well, I was plastered heeing and hying with seasonal allergies that  lent my head achy  pressured and my eyes swollen.  The hubby was overseas all the while this mini chaos was dastardly unfolding,  I was left to hunker and make brave on my own. Now my sons aren't -  kids,
hah! No, egads! But no matter how old your child is, the same heartbeat worry of their childhood sickie days gushes through your veins and it's all warrior mama mode, no matter what!A mom will always worry and take charge 6 or 60, hahaha!

HKTRIP by Slidely Photo Gallery

It wasn't anything seriously -> serious, but the fact that we were looking forward to celebrate my birthday out of the country, and with one possibly left behind magnified my anxiety.

Faith I'd say, full blast faith saw me through! Dear Divinity - the good Love Lord pulled through, pulled though, pulled me through. I'm humbled, truly humbled in gratefulness!

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