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Monday, April 4, 2016

Diary of My Allergy: Part 1: The Rubber Band Feel

Dang fabulous to have a full set of brows, hahaha! 

 Had myself a field week of running 'ere and there from the docs to fixin'  up  paper work needed to fulfill an endoscopy procedure on my sinuses next week. I was prescribed a set of meds, some to be puffed inside me' nostrils! I'm feeling better, but there's still that band head pressure feel' though not as eeky' as before.

Funny, but my right eye seems to be getting the blunt of it. feeling all scratchy and  pressed. There are times my eyebrow lines feel bloaty botoxed, lols! In this pic, my head was feeling a lot more "pressured" than today.

It was quite the fun in spite of the situation. Somehow it was  "solo traveler" me up in adventures, and I see now how I've dressed the part, haha! :D  After going to St. Lukes, I stowed me'self away in a corner coffee shop and had the time, (finally, imagine that!)  to jot down important notes I've been meaning to dawdle my brains on.

My head had that "rubber band strange string feel,  but count my blessings I did. At least I could breath right, even if I had a bit of a chest cold. Another plus, is I wasn't  weak. Goodness, I hate dwelling on aches and pains, but writing this down gives me a profile of my health history. I've had allergy, rhinitis and sinusitis before, but this is the first time I've been hit this way.

Another fine thing to note is that my skin is 'well, nice, lols! Vanity aside, my "apple cream facial set" is working wonders on me!!! Thank goodness for my beauty guru friend, Rowie, who is smarty pretty on how to make one's skin creamy glow! I swear my brownish spotty melasma isn't as pronounced as before - not that it's no longer visible, but it is, as of the moment, significantly reduced. My face has a brighter healthier aura even with this ill feel I'm carrying.

Took me sooo' long to learn - goodness, should've done this when I was younger! Never to late, lols!

Roselle Quin

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  1. Sorry to hear about your severe allergy attack dear Roselle and I hope the procedure goes well and takes a way that awful tight feeling in your head.
    L haven't heard of "apple cream facial set" but your skin always looks beautiful.
    Best of luck next week!
    xoxoxo ♡


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