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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Reflux Laryngitis, Allergies, Head Tensions, Lower Back Pain - The Great I Have's!

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Hola! I'm alive, praise goodness God.

Been a couple ov' weeks since my last soiree' with the doc and what a ride it's been, whew! For the first time in my entire life, I experienced how it was to have an elevated blood pressure - right there in the endoscopy room of St. Lukes. I could tell the doc was slightly flustered asking me if I've ever had a bp that high before. Never! I was seething agitated ( though one couldn't tell because I looked preternaturally calm) at the thought of a foreign object to be inserted inside my nose going who knows where and for how long. Secondly, the head tension was there, pounding and pronounced though not as wildly calamitous as the past weeks - but present and pulsing it was. I was in a world of worry, actually and have been for a long while now.

Anyway,  the magic snakey camera that weaved it's way down my nosey to my trachea unraveled that I had a secondary condition called "Reflux Larryngitis" or "silent reflux"... meaning, every time I go to sleep, acid travels up my esophagus to my throat producing some sort ov' bacteria. which most likely in a way triggers my allergic rhinitis..gad' what a conniving story!

I left the docs office with my youngest son who so happened to be in the area so dropped in for me. It was not a fun feel to discover that the doc wasn't all that sure what was causing my head pressure since I didn't have sinusitis at all. He suggested I see a musculoskeletal rehab specialist, because he had an inkling the head thing was more of tension. This brought my attention to the fact that simultaneous to my allergy was a lower back pinched nerve pain I've had for the same span of time. Sigh.

I spent the better part of the following days diligent with my meds and as much as I could sticking to the diet best suited for reflux. Not easy as I had the best time popping in coffee shops here and there, and having a pasta or two with a heavy slathering of tomato sauce. My silly collage above is just a dent of all the groovyness I've eaten in spite of my head pressure, facial tension, sneezy feel and general malaise. I somehow pull myself together, plaster a bit of makeup to at least decently look alive and smile my worries away.

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  1. Dear Roselle, sorry to hear about the pressure in your head and the "Reflux Laryngitis", I hoped you would be all better by now. The thought of having any procedure sends my blood pressure up, a natural reaction I think. I hope you will feel much better soon.
    xoxoxo ♡


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