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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Singapore Trip and The Great Shout Out for Inspiration

Roselle Quin's Slidely Gallery by Slidely Photo Gallery

If Slidely folds up I am so - ahem' - screwed. I've been posting slides for months now, and if for any  reason Slidely decides to bid adieu, then, alas, all my dazzling posts will be bereft ( as in VOID) of glamour pictures, haha!  And -- the posts hardly make a dent without the visuals, aiks!

Ah, gad
, here I am once again worrying, worrying, worrying about anything and everything! It's a grand past time of mine lately, the worrying thing. You name, I'l worry about it! I'm not so batty tho, as I still have a third of my innate sense of humor intact - at least I think so.

In fact, I was over at my SWEET SEMANTICS  blog, chatting it up a bit because that site, wow, it's gone stale! The page is all but a dormant volcano left to snooze for 10 centuries! Strangely, writing there  gave me a surge of typing inspiration which  coursed  through my fingers. Here I am therefore, blabbering and calling out to my writing angels and muses for a much needed and desired visitation.

Oh, my dearest writing angels and muses, come to me, as I desperately  want to revive my writing stamina! I want want WANT my blogging(s) to be more alluring, more....magnetizing...more charismatic...more revealing and connecting. I need to resurrect my sense of semantics and my deep passion for stringing words and offering it bravely to the world!  
Now, about my head tensions, they have eased somehow. For this I am wholeheartedly grateful to our dear Lord and all heavenly divine friends. There is a more "normal" feel to my entire being - more specifically the past days.  I believe I'm getting there. There being the feeling of being entirely, completely healthily my old/new self.  I feel saner, lighter, stronger.

My anxiety  attacks brought about by lingering ails' are quiet and pacified. I am happier...happy enough to get back to my artistic endeavors with renewed vigor. Two dolls are in the making. They are ever so sweet, and I am excited to post about them - very soon.

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