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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What I Wore to the Cooper's! :D

Poor bloggy boo'...haven't updated you for a month, tsk! tsk!..How dusty forlorn you've become, ( insert sad face, hah!) I've been here and some, it was all FUN,  but nothing written to mark those could I!?! Never the mind, I'm typing back, conversing with spirit and air, banishing blogdom'' dullness and saying aye 'to writing beginnings! :D

Couple of swanky Saturday's back, we ( and by we, it's the Hubs and I of course) double dated with the dashing Mr. and Mrs. Cooper. I tell you, that day was darling' fab, all drizzly rainy, the skies floaty with its low fog clouds enfolding roof top buildings. O' ýes, I prefer the rains, the blessed cool kind that filters the air a notch down the pollution bar. For a long while the season of heat we had was merciless and  endless, seriously going on and on for what seemed like a scathing pledge to for-ev-er! Quite unbelievable and truly uncomf'table. 

Anyway, the Cooper's were fantastic lovely folks and we had a high grand evening of talks and laughs. One for the books, I'd say and the memory is for keeps.

Do take a look at that slice of sweet in the pic on the right! Now, that was one amazing slice - just perfect! Before heading to "Italliani's"at Serendra, where we met the Coopers for dinner, the husband and I shared a serving of Sansrival  and had ourselves both a cup of coffee at Larry's Bar. Didn't realize I'd actually luv' the place with its retro red stretched sofa and black fleur style tiles reminiscent of old homes. All these time, I'd just walk past the place and opt for somewhere else...well not anymore. I believe Larry's will be my new hangout of sorts.

Lately. I've been having fun all dolling up with a strange feel like I'm just now growing up! Kinda' grand, really because it feels good. Never really bothered with clothes and bags and other girly twirly stuff for most my life. It would take a great hoity event to make me seriously ponder what to wear.  It would be whatever, a shirt and some old jeans usually. 

The past couple of years  have been a  revelation, so perhaps I'm getting myself groomed better. I take notice now of what makes me feel snazzy great. This new found curiosity could only stem from the fact that the boys are grown and working. I  have me for  me finally. In this pic above I was wearing an..

1. Old US plaid
2. Guess jeans
3. Green sweat by MeMo
4. 7 year old pair of leather  boots

After dinner the hubs and I decided to have one drink to cap of the late evening. I was dressed for fun but certainly not for a club the likes of  Bank Bar where everyone was seriously in sexy clubby black dress attire hahaha! I mean, I was dressed to rock  the rodeo, not bob with clubbing democrats. I dunno' but it's unlikely I'm ever going  back to that hive, very chic pulp fictiony' and cool probably - but not my vibe. Once is enough.

It's the joy in your heart.