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Thursday, September 7, 2017

All the Kerfuffles in the World!

Last month's little happy party for two.
Kerfuffle is the word!

Imagine to come across such startling vocable utterance to describe my self-abnegating commiseration for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-ng! Pack the whole world and its utter lack of symbiotic compatibility, add my country's bedlam of miserable actuality, then throw in me and my capricious lack of everything. 

Don't mind my rag rat musings sigh...

I'm simply locked in a present state of inglorious perception. Everything seems to be such a depletion the past couple of weeks; the air, the vibe, the news, situations, relations, ugh! 😓It seems as if a type of chimerical bacterial gas of negativity was manically sprayed from the ether odiously intoxicating everyone.

OK, perhaps not everyone. I can't generalize and ascribe my personal apprehensions to all humanity, but really, it's an aura of vapidness wherever I turn. 

Then again, I'm most likely turning my face on the wrong side of the present, the dank doom face of life. Maybe tomorrow, it will be lighter

Maybe tomorrow it will sunnier.
Maybe tomorrow it will be less of a 'kerfuffle' in this world of yours and mine. 

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