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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Dawn with Questions: Whines, Caprices and Fizzled Messages

This Tea pic taken at Shangrila Hotel BGC

“No one can lose either the past or the future - how could anyone be deprived of what he does not possess? ... It is only the present moment of which either stands to be deprived: and if this is all he has, he cannot lose what he does not have.” 

All these thinkings at two minutes to one in the morning! Always, always something on my mind. I am adrift in thought, considering the merits of the present, the future and what may be. I sit here, in the midst of breaking dawn sipping my lavender tea mulling my questions. What sort one may  ask; big questions, small questions, grand questions, minuscule ones - it doesn't matter what kind, as long as they are

The questions hold the key to clarity. If one asks the right questions, the correct answers come begging. If the mind throws out whines and caprices, like a weathered bent antennae, fizzled messages assail the cerebral.

Being a step in years from one young, naive and wondering, there is conscientious method to my themed queries. A mind behavior, precise and particular. Should I choose one path from the other? Should I consider one goal from the rest? Should I just go for it all?

At one am close to two on a Wednesday pre-dawn moment, one is apt is realize how good life is when saddled by questions, which either way,  bestows nothing less than appealing answers.  

“It loved to happen.” 
― Marcus AureliusMeditations

2:14 am
Sipping tea - still.
Nibbling on Quadratini Dark chocolate wafers.

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